Big-City Chiefs, Homeland Security To Discuss Intelligence


Big-city police chiefs will meet this month with top Homeland Security officials amid complaints that the federal agency isn’t doing enough to share information with local law enforcement nationwide, the Los Angeles Times reports. The meeting was planned after chiefs expressed frustration with what they considered a lack of communication by the federal agency about possible terror-related intelligence. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa complained that federal officials didn’t give him an in-depth briefing before President Bush detailed a terrorist threat on the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles. “This is a critical issue for us,” said L.A. police chief William Bratton. “The good news is: We’ve seen some significant improvements in intelligence provided over the last year.”

Bratton said is it is not so much “they don’t share intelligence as they don’t have intelligence.” The meeting will “be an opportunity for the secretary to sit down with the chiefs of police for major cities and talk about information sharing,” said Russ Knocke, Homeland Security Department spokesman.


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