Miami Terror Subjects Described As “Homegrown Wannabes”


Seven men, some of whom lived in a Miami warehouse, have been arrested as suspected homegrown al Qaeda sympathizers who discussed blowing up Chicago’s Sears Tower and FBI headquarters in Miami-Dade, the Miami Herald reports. They posed no immediate danger to the community, federal officials said. A law enforcement source said the group had photographs of the Sears Tower, the FBI’s Miami field office, and Miami police headquarters. Agents must figure out if the men were actually capable of mounting attacks. Several sources described them as homegrown wannabes with no known connection to foreign terrorists. No explosives or guns were found.

The terror ideas were ”pretty much talk, we were on top of them,” the source said. Another law enforcement source said the group had no actual ties to al Qaeda. One suspect’s family member said the group, which formed about a year ago, called itself the Seas of David. The 40 to 50 members consider themselves ”soldiers of God” and are against the war in Iraq. Like soldiers, they incorporate discipline into their daily lives: exercise, no drinking, no drugs and no meat. Neighbors near the warehouse described the men as dressing in fatigues and talking about giving their lives to God. ”They said it was a karate school,” Benjamin Williams, 17, said of the warehouse. “They used to be out around 11 at night, practicing like they were in the military or something push-ups, jumping jacks, and jumping over chairs.”


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