Indy Launches Anticrime Blitz: “Enough Is Enough”


Police patrols will be increased and cleanup crews sent to some of Indianapolis’ most crime-ridden and blighted neighborhoods this summer as the city tries to combat an alarming increase in crime, reports the Indianapolis Star. “Enough is enough. We have had it up to here with the crime that’s increasing, and we’re going to do something about it together,” said Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson, who joined Mayor Bart Peterson and Indianapolis Police Chief Michael Spears in announcing the plan. “This is our pledge: Look out — we’re going to take the streets back.” As of Monday, homicides in Marion County had risen more than 43 percent — to 63 from 44 — over the same time last year. Burglaries were up more than 25 percent in the first quarter.

A nine-officer tactical unit will patrol hot spots at night, while “saturation patrols” will roam high-crime areas. Police will more aggressively enforce the city’s youth curfew and serve warrants on suspects. The city will target code violators and, once a week, clean up a neighborhood, cutting grass, picking up trash, and fixing potholes. “We are bringing all our resources to bear,” Peterson said. “Criminals go where they feel neighborhoods are being neglected. “We’ve got to throw all of our firepower at the highest-crime areas.”


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