Cincy Cops: City Danger Growing, Department Is Off Base


A majority of Cincinnati police officers believe the mission of their department is off base – way off base, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. Nearly 94 percent of the officers who responded to a survey say that arresting violent criminals is very important but almost as many believe that the department is more concerned with staying out of trouble and keeping overtime down. Many officers believe they are not able to be proactive about crime.

About 62 percent of the city’s 1,050 officers responded to the survey, which was prepared by consultant Linder & Associates as part of a larger report. Nearly 82 percent of the officers who responded predict that Cincinnati will not be a safer place in two years. “The biggest obstacle to the city right now is its homicide rate,” said City Councilman John Cranley. Others agree that crime is the driving force behind Cincinnati’s population exodus. “The number one reason city residents are leaving the city is because of violence,” said Peggy Caldwell.


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