AZ Starts $8 Million Anti-Meth Drive; Critic: Budget “A Joke”


Arizona legislators have agreed to spend $8 million on tackling meth addiction, crafting a plan to beef up law enforcement and provide money for prevention, treatment, and education programs, reports the Arizona Republic. Their idea is to disrupt the flow and sale of meth in local communities while teaching children about the evils of meth before they are tempted to try the drug. Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano is expected to sign the measure this week.

Some experts say that a key part of the solution to meth-related problems is educating children about the danger of the drug. About $3 million of the state dollars would be devoted to counties for drug interdiction, education, and prevention efforts. Dr. Marc Matthews, director of the trauma unit at Maricopa Medical Center, said he sees the problem “in my trauma patients every single night. It’s in our homes, it’s in our workplaces, it’s in our communities. It’s everywhere. It’s crippling us.” Matthews called the state’s $8 million response “a joke” and said, “Give me $80 million. Now we’re serious. With this drug, you’re literally fighting for the heart and soul of your community.”


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