Meth Lab Seizures, Workplace Positive Tests Decline


Police seizures of illegal meth labs dropped more than 30 percent last year as more states and drugstore chains began limiting access to ingredients used to make the drug, reports the Associated Press, quoting the White House drug policy office. Te nation’s largest drug testing company said today that the number of job applicants and workers who test positive for meth fell 31 percent over the first five months of this year. White House drug czar John Walters said the two reports are evidence that the “one-two punch” to restrict chemicals and educate the public about meth addiction are paying off.

Some federal lawmakers give most of the credit to state and local governments, saying the decline in meth abuse has come despite the absence of national direction. Rep. Mark Souder (R-In.), chairman of the House drug policy subcommittee, said the administration has refused to make combatting meth a priority. He criticized a White House budget proposal to slash federal spending for state and local law enforcement to fight meth.


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