MN Rounds Up Non-Compliant Sex Offenders


A 12-day sweep by law enforcement officers across Minnesota has rounded up hundreds of sex offenders who failed to keep current with the state’s tougher registration requirements, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Of the 636 offenders targeted in the dragnet May 15 through 26, the first such statewide sweep, 219 were brought into compliance, 35 were arrested and 90 cases were forwarded to prosecutors for possible felony charges, officials said. Another 215 offenders had responded to reminder mailings sent out before the sweep.

Offenders are required to inform authorities of changes in their residence, employment or vehicles, even their use of vacation homes. They also must return annual forms mailed to them by the state to update their situations. Some don’t even do that. “Most of them are just lazy,” said Anoka County sheriff’s detective Bryon Fuerst. “All they have to do is fill out the form and send it back.” Of Minnesota’s 17,700 so-called “predatory offenders” subject to registration rules, including more than 300 women, 7.7 percent remain unaccounted for, O’Malley said, down from 12 percent in the recent past. Nearly all of the registrants have committed sex crimes, but a few are violent kidnappers or armed robbers.


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