Reno Man Sought For Shooting Judge, Killing Wife


Police searched departing aircraft last night for a Reno businessman after a family court judge was wounded by a morning sniper shot in his office, causing terror in downtown Reno and freezing workers in their buildings, reports the Reno Gazette-Journal. Police were searching for Darren Roy Mack, 45, who had a divorce hearing scheduled before Judge Chuck Weller. He also was a suspect in a homicide at the Reno home where he had lived with his wife, Charla, and their three children. The homicide was discovered after the attack on the judge, the first courthouse shooting in Reno since 1960. Weller, 53, was stable and in serious-to-critical condition. He had been shot in the chest at least once.

Mack and his second wife had been in Weller’s court more than a year in a contested divorce. Chief Judge Jerry Polaha said he was in Weller’s chambers from about 8 a.m. until 9:30. “It just takes your breath away,” Polaha said. “You don’t think about this sort of thing happening. You say good-bye to the kids and the wife in the morning and come in to work, and boom. You want to do a public service, but you don’t realize there are people out there who want to shoot at you.”


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