Seattle Rave Scene Promiscuity May Have Driven Man To Kill


It was the ravers’ lifestyle that enraged him, Kyle Huff said, a “world of sex” that the felt compelled to snuff out, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. So says a letter police found in a trash bin near Huff’s home a month after the 28-year-old pizza delivery man shot six young people to death after a dance and all-night party. He wounded two more and committed suicide by putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger as police arrived in March. “I hate this world of sex that they are striving to make,” the note says of ravers, a loose-knit community of teens and 20-somethings known for holding huge dances that last into the wee hours.

Investigators have convened a panel of experts, headed by criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University in Boston to piece together a profile of Huff and the circumstances that precipitated his rampage. “What we know about mass murderers is that their perceptions aren’t always accurate, it’s their interpretation,” Fox said. “But there are things, obviously, about the rave lifestyle that fed into his sense of danger. He has concerns about the sexuality, the promiscuity, and he sees it as being dangerous.” Fox said that Seattle’s large, highly visible rave scene may have ignited in Huff a long-simmering rage.


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