Macho Contest For CA Dem Attorney General Nominee


In their quest to become the California’s top cop, Democratic attorney general wannabes in tomorrow’s primary election are performing like so many political peers hefting a full set of X and Y chromosomes, strutting their tough-guy stuff on the campaign trail, reports the Lois Angeles Times. Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo still has, at 45, a football player physique and Mr. Incredible chin. Says the Times: “He talks tough on crime, tells stories about dodging L.A. gang bangers and puts shoulder pads on his political resume with tales of gridiron accomplishment.”

Jerry Brown, still vigorous at 68, has a buzzed and balding pate that accentuates a bird-of-prey profile and eyebrows, Brown spotlights crime-fighting credentials earned during his stint as Oakland mayor. “At some level, the choice for voters comes down to who is more macho,” said Marty Kaplan of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication. “The subtext in some of these races, particularly those involving justice and public safety, becomes ‘my gun is bigger than your gun.’ ” Says Robert Thompson, Syracuse University professor of media and popular culture: “It’s a really, really complex calculus. On one level voters want someone who seems like an action hero, a testosterone-laden guy who’s going to get the job done. At the same time, Americans have a bipolar desire to root for the underdog, to not like it when someone seems arrogant and aggressive.”


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