Boston Studies Bouncer Rules After Attacks On Patrons


A vicious stun gun assault by a Boston bouncer on a patron has prompting a new push for tougher laws requiring criminal background checks on doormen, says the Boston Herald. The attack on Clark is one of at least 80 reported bouncer-on-patron assaults in Boston since 2004. “There have been patrons kicked, stomped, punched, and in at least one case, assaulted at knifepoint by bouncers. The incident over the weekend clearly speaks to the heart of the issue,” City Council President Michael Flaherty said. “Someone with a criminal background is the last person you want defusing a violent situation.”

Flaherty is filing a bill to require criminal checks on bouncers and training for floor personnel. Stun guns are banned in Massachusetts, and Mace cannot be used without a Firearms Identification Card and proper training. Bar bouncers are restricted from using Mace on licensed premises.


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