New Homeland Security Grants Stress Threat Factor


Cities competing for multimillion-dollar grants for counterterrorism programs must accept the premise that if they receive funding, they are likely targets for terrorists, reports the Associated Press. The U.S. Homeland Security Department is awarding $740 million to 46 communities with the nation’s highest threat risks. The money is being allocated under a new formula based largely on intelligence and law enforcement data about threats and the possible consequences.

Memphis, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale qualified for a list of eligible communities this year after being passed over in 2005. Eleven others may be eliminated next year because Homeland Security decided they face a lesser risk than others. Under the program, each state and U.S. territory gets some funding, this year totaling $550 million. Another $450 million will go to state public safety projects, medical responders, and to help citizens prepare for disasters.


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