Citing “Disregard For Human Life,” Hartford Aims At Gangs


Two Hartford, Ct., middle-school students were innocent victims of a gang shooting war in recent days in the city, says the Hartford Courant. One was killed on the front porch of his home Monday in a drive-by shooting; the other, who lives across the street, was seriously injured. Several loose-knit neighborhood alliances, different from the more organized gangs of the early 1990s, are at the center of the violence , says Police Chief Patrick J. Harnett. All told, 16 people have been shot since May 24. No arrests have been made.

“Within those areas there are groups of young people, and a small group within that group of young people who have a disregard for human life, and they can go back and forth and just shoot randomly at people on the street,” Harnett said. He and Mayor Eddie Perez – who said the city won’t tolerate those “who terrorize neighborhoods” – announced that the Hartford Police Department would put more officers on the street, adding a special team to target youth violence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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