Tasers Sold To Public In TN After Control Law Fails


A marketing push to sell Taser stun guns to civilians will proceed in Tennessee after a proposal to keep the devices out of the hands of citizens stalled in the state legislature, The Tennessean reports. Sales of Taser International’s X26c model, similar to the Tasers used by many police agencies, began nearly two years ago but have been pushed aggressively by the manufacturer in recent months. The company says that more than 115,000 civilian Tasers have been sold nationwide.

Some law-enforcement officials and lawmakers want Tennessee to join the seven other states which have banned Taser use by the public. Unlike firearms, there is no requirement that people receive training when purchasing the $999 weapons. Buford Tune of the Nashville-based Academy of Personal Protection and Security trains security officers and the public to use Tasers. He said they are an excellent defensive weapon and fears of abuse are overblown. “What about if I was hit in the head with a rock or someone poked my eye out with their fingers?” Tune said. “What are we going to do – outlaw rocks and fingers?”

Link: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060523/NEWS03/605230354

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