Heroin Abuse Remains Common In Dallas Suburbs


Brenden Thayer, 16, of the Dallas suburb of Plano died last spring of a heroin overdose. said. In the first of a three-part series, the Dallas Morning News says that a medical examiner ruled that Brenden had died of an accidental overdose after snorting a mixture of black tar heroin and other drugs. It was troubling because many people assumed that Mexican black tar heroin had disappeared from Plano after a rash of highly publicized overdoses in the mid-1990s.

The publicity went away after reporters and documentary filmmakers got their fill of the “Affluent Plano Teens and Heroin Chic” story. Narcotics officers say heroin use was never any worse in Plano than in many other affluent suburbs. The deadly drug remains a thread in the region’s drug scene. “Dallas is a hub for traffickers, and we are 18 miles away from there. Plano has a lot of money, and that makes it a target-rich environment,” said Sgt. Terence Holway of the Plano Police Department’s narcotics division. If Plano was a target, Brenden became its bull’s-eye, says the Morning News. Brenden convinced his father that his drug use was minimal – a little marijuana and alcohol.


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