Targets Of NYC Gun-Purchase Sting Deny Responsibility


Gun store owners on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s list of the “worst of the worst” weapons dealers contend they are law-abiding small-towners who are not responsible for lawbreakers in the big city, reports the New York Daily News. Bloomberg sued 15 out-of-state shops Monday, charging they illegally sold guns in straw purchases to private investigators hired by the city as part of a sting operation. The Daily News visited three of the 15 shops that Bloomberg said sold guns later involved in more than 500 crimes in New York.

At Woody’s Pawn & Jewelry in Orangeburg, S.C., owner Chan Holman he denied any knowledge of the straw purchase reported by the city’s private eyes. At Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga., manager, J.L. Alvarenga, said wearily, “First, they go after the merchandisers, then they go after the distributors and now they’re going after the dealers.” At The Gun Store in Doraville, Ga., a staffer at the store – the origin, the city says, of 82 guns used in New York crimes – called police on reporters.


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