Prosecutor, Defense In Bitter War Over NC Lacrosse Case


A North Carolina prosecutor and defense attorney are at war over the indictment of a third Duke University lacrosse team member, David Evans, on a rape charge, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. Said Evans: “These allegations are lies, fabrications, fabrications, and they will be proven wrong.”

Evans attorney Joseph Cheshire said District Attorney Mike Nifong repeatedly has refused to meet with defense lawyers to discuss evidence that they think would prove the rape did not occur. Nifong said there will be no more charges in the case. In a profanity-laced tirade yesterday, Nifong told one of Evans’ attorneys that he was unhappy with a Friday news conference they had held on the case. Cheshire complained that Nifong “refused to look at the exculpatory evidence, and when there is someone who will simply not act professionally and discuss things with you in a professional way, how else do you do things?”


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