First TN Execution In Six Years Scheduled For Wednesday


Tennessee may be headed for its first execution in six years, and second since 1960, reports The Tennessean. The case involves the murder of Marine jogger Suzanne Collins, 19, 21 years ago. During Sedley Alley’s 1987 trial, he said that he was insane and that one of his alternate personalities was in control when he killed the woman. His execution is set for 1 a.m. Wednesday. He is one of 103 on Tennessee’s death row.

Defense attorneys say new evidence withheld by prosecutors casts doubt on Alley’s guilt. A new estimate of the time Collins died, discovered in the medical examiner’s files two years ago, gives Alley an alibi because he was either in police custody or under police observation by that time, said his attorneys. Eyewitness descriptions of the attacker more closely matches Collins’ boyfriend, who may have had a motive to kill her, his defense team said. Another point of appeal revolves around whether Alley should be able to pursue his claim that the state's lethal injection protocol causes horrific pain and is unconstitutional.


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