Authorities Never Give Up Searching For Cop Killers


Nothing sears itself into a police officer’s memory like the killing of another cop, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Last Friday, law enforcement officers mourned Philadelphia officer Gary Skerski, who was killed by a blast from a bar robber’s sawed-off shotgun. Even if the hunt for Skerski’s killer doesn’t lead to a quick arrest, investigators are unlikely to give up.

Joanne Chesimard killed a New Jersey trooper in 1973 and broke out of prison in 1979. In the 27 years since, she has become one of U.S. law enforcement’s longest-wanted cop killers. The state police and the FBI each still have an agent devoted to her case. Last year, New Jersey officials increased the reward for her capture to $1 million. She is known to live in Cuba, but one U.S. olfficial said, “it’s not much of a life. The longer she’s down there, the more it’s like she’s in prison anyway. She’s very restricted. As long as there’s a New Jersey State Police, we’ll have someone assigned to this case, and eventually we’ll bring her in.”


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