How Serious Is Philly’s Street About State Gun Control?


The administration of Philadelphia Mayor John Street have responded to a spike in shootings, including Monday night’s death of a police officer, by calling on the state to change its gun-control laws, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Legislators on both sides of the issue say that the mayor and his lobbyists have spent little time reaching out to them about 20 gun-related bills now facing lawmakers.

A Street spokesman said a mayoral news conference last week, at which Street displayed scores of firearms taken off city streets, was intended for political effect. “We wanted the NRA to see what’s happening on the streets of Philadelphia,” said the spokesman. “We wanted to give the mayor a forum at which he would talk specifically about the bills that we support. He read the numbers of the bills and the sponsors.” Street plans to meet with Philadelphia’s delegation June 6 to push for priorities that include pending bills to require gun-owners to report lost weapons and to limit gun purchases to one a month.


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