Young Abruptly Quits Race For Vegas Sheriff Re-Election


Las Vegas Sheriff Bill Young’s smiling, uniformed image is all over town on campaign signs, and his campaign war chest bulges with almost $1 million. Yesterday, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he abruptly dropped out of the race that was seen as his to lose. He endorsed his second-in-command to succeed him and said it might not be the end of his political career. “The county would be lucky to have him,” Young said of his undersheriff. “You could add up the best qualities of the other candidates in this race, and they wouldn’t be a pimple on Doug Gillespie’s ass.”

Young, who is in the last year of his first four-year term, said he does not know what he will do next, but “in six to eight years,” he said he might consider running for governor. “I know there’s more to life than just politics. And I want that. I want my life back,” he said. Young said Las Vegas has become a more violent place, and that has troubled him. “The town’s getting tougher, and it’s not getting any easier,” said Young, 50. “I think there’s a lot of criminal element that has come here that has made the town a little harder-edged.” Some have speculated that Young, like his predecessor Jerry Keller, might accept a lucrative job with a casino. Sig Rogich, a powerful political consultant who worked on Young’s campaign, said he believed Young might have gotten an offer he couldn’t refuse.


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