As Boston Killings Rise, Chief O’Toole Ponders Irish Job


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino says he would be saddened if police commissioner Kathleen O’Toole chooses to take a job with the national police force in Ireland, the Boston Globe reports. O’Toole said she had spoken with Irish officials last week and declared her interest in the job. Irish officials said t O’Toole is one of the leading candidates for a senior-level position overseeing standards for the 12,000-member Garda Siochana. The commissioner says she is considering it but has yet to receive a formal offer from the Irish government.

Her entree into the job market only 27 months into her tenure as Boston is bracing for what may be a tense and violent summer has triggered some criticism and concern among antiviolence activists and community leaders. One O’Toole confidante said she expressed frustration that she is in a no-win position, as shootings spiral upward and the Menino administration declines to hire more police to help stem the tide of violence. The number of homicides in the city last year reached a 10-year high; the number of shootings so far this year is up 69 percent over the same period in 2005. In recent days, there have been seven more killings.


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