What Life Is Like In Moussaoui’s New Home: CO Supermax


Zacarias Moussaoui probably will spend the rest of his days in the federal “supermax” prison in Florence, Co., 90 miles south of Denver. The New York Daily News describes it this way: “Twenty-three hours a day of solitary confinement.

One hour a day of exercise – alone in the small concrete-walled recreation yard. Meals eaten alone in a cell.” Inmates, including terrorists, murderers, drug dealers, street-gang leaders, and mafiosi – have their wrists cuffed behind their backs on the rare occasions when they get to leave their cells, and are escorted by at least two guards.

Cells feature a sabotage-proof bed, a desk, and a stool of poured concrete and a shower. A 12-inch black-and-white television in each cell pipes in closed-circuit classes on anger management and parenting. The prison is surrounded by scenic mountains, but inmates’ only view from their 7-by-12-foot cells is a central courtyard. The 12-year-old, $60 million facility has 303 employees and 399 prisoners, serving an average sentence of 23-1/2 years. No one has ever escaped.

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/414745p-350471c.html

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