Fox Asks Lawmakers To Clarify Drug Decriminalization Law


Under intense pressure from the U.S., Mexican President Vicente Fox has asked Congress to reconsider a law it passed last week that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs, reports the New York Times. Fox said the law should be changed “to make it absolutely clear that in our country the possession of drugs and their consumption are and continue to be crimes.” Officials from the State Department and the White House drug control office met with the Mexican ambassador in Washington to express grave reservations about the law, saying it would draw tourists to Mexico who want to take drugs and would lead to more consumption.

Mexico’s chief of the Federal Police, Eduardo Medina Mora, said it was true the law would make it a misdemeanor to possess small quantities of illegal drugs, but he added that people caught with those drugs would still have to go before a judge and would face a range of penalties. “Mexico is not, has not been and will not be a refuge for anyone who wants to consume drugs,” he said.


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