How A Maine City Keeps Track Of Its Sex Offenders


Bangor, Me., police detective Jeff Small, who maintains and updates the city’s sex offender registry, must keep track of the city’s 115 sex offenders, and some of them do not keep up their registrations, says the Bangor Daily News. For its population, Bangor has a relatively high concentration of sex offenders. The Maine registry, which contains information about more than 2,200 sex offenders, has come under fire after a Canadian man used it to locate and gun down two registered sex offenders at their homes. The killings prompted a review of how the state distributes information about sex offenders and which offenders should be listed.

Bangor police go door-to-door to notify neighbors of a sex offender’s presence regardless of the severity of the crime. Some smaller towns send letters to every resident and hold special town meetings when a sex offender moves to town. One of the most common questions townspeople have is how a sex offender could be allowed to live so close to a school or park. There is no state law preventing sex offenders from living anywhere they choose. A judge, however, can impose probation restrictions limiting where an offender may live.


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