ACLU Warns Against Profiling In Derby Traffic Enforcement


With police planning to crack down on anyone who tries to cruise this coming Kentucky Derby weekend, the American Civil Liberties Union is distributing information in Louisville about racial profiling, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. The group’s Maria Ramirez says it wants to make sure that anti-cruising ordinances are enforced fairly. Volunteers are passing out packets intended to inform people of their rights when stopped by police. The packets contain a form to be used to document any racial profiling. Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White said he has “zero tolerance” for racial profiling. “We’re not going to profile anybody,” White said. “If someone continues to cruise, they’re going to get locked up.”

Police have said they will limit access to Broadway in an effort to end Derby cruising, a tradition that has led to traffic gridlock and last year resulted in violence, including a fatal shooting. Ramirez said the ACLU is not accusing police of profiling, but said the group wants to educate the public.


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