Unsolved Five-Year-Old Mystery: Who Killed Chandra Levy?


The FBI and Washington, D.C., police still are pushing to turn up a break that will lead to the person who killed federal intern Chandra Levy, 24, who disappeared five years ago today, says the Washington Post. Levy’s family has tried to rejuvenate the probe by launching a Web site, http://www. http://whokilledchandra.com. FBI agent Brad Garrett has done a lot of legwork in the past year. He has scoured phone records and court cases, gone to prisons to investigate or interview inmates and even put people under surveillance.

Levy’s disappearance set off a speculation fueled by revelations that she was having an affair with her hometown congressman, Gary Condit (D-Ca.). Police have said repeatedly that Condit is not a suspect. The Washington, D.C. police department says that one detective is assigned to work on the case full time. Forensic evidence from Rock Creek Park, where Levy’s body was discovered May 22, 2002, has not yielded anything of significance. The Condits’ children were sued in January by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for allegedly taking $226,000 from Condit’s political action committee for a documentary examining news coverage of Condit during the Levy case but generating no discernable work. Mark Geragos, an attorney for the Condits, said the lawsuit is unfounded and that the documentary will be made public.

Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/30/AR2006043001171.html

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