ICE Vows More Action Against Employers Of Illegal Workers


Rumors that Dallas immigration agents are rounding up illegal immigrants, perhaps in retaliation for recent protests, have spread fear from construction sites to supermarkets to ice cream pushcarts, reports the Dallas Morning News. Immigration officials said no major detention sweeps had occurred in the Dallas area since last week’s action against a pallet-making company, but the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement intends to continue cracking down on employers who are egregious violators of immigration law.

John Chakwin, the region’s top investigation official for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Dallas, said the biggest targets of the Secure Border Initiative will be employers who profit from hiring illegal workers. He said work site visits by immigration agents are going to lead to more people being bused back to Mexico. “We can’t possibly chase every illegal alien in North Texas, but we’ve got to go after the companies who hire them,” Chakwin said. “But if someone is doing something illegal – or here illegally – they should be looking over their shoulders.”


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