Atlanta D.A. Protests “Outrageous” Warrant To Arrest Him


An arrest warrant was issued for Paul Howard, chief prosecutor in Atlanta’s Fulton County, for aggravated and simple battery, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and reckless conduct, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The case stems from a courtroom struggle with a sheriff’s deputy. “I’ve never heard of anybody arresting a district attorney in my 35 years of practicing law,” said Howard’s attorney, former governor Roy Barnes. Barnes called the arrest warrant “outrageous.”

On March 31, a judge ordered Howard handcuffed and taken to an adjoining holding cell because the district attorney had continued talking to jurors who had just acquitted an accused serial rapist after the judge told him to stop. Once Howard is arrested, the prosecutor will be taken to the Fulton County Jail for booking. He would have a probable cause hearing, but since all of the county’s judges have recused themselves from the case, it is not known who would preside over the hearing. “I’m not even sure who would prosecute the case,” said former DeKalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan, now in private practice. “It would be hard to have a district attorney prosecute another district attorney in this state.”


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