AZ Series Explores Meth’s Deepening Impact on Kids


The Arizona Republic reports that methamphetamine is “seeping deeper into our community and claiming younger victims.” In a three-party series, “Shattered by Glass: Children and Meth,” the paper explores the drug’s impact on kids.

Amongs its findings: in a sample of 616 youths committed to the Department of Juvenile Corrections, 63.5 percent had a history of meth use; 40 percent of the dependency petitions filed to protect Pima County children last year involved parents on crystal meth; about one-third of clandestine labs seized in Arizona have children present, and in the past five years more than 400 youngsters have been rescued; at Phoenix Children’s Hospital last year, 48 babies were born with meth in their systems; nearly one in five Arizona children age 12 to 17 have been offered meth.


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