Mob Life ‘Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be’


Angelo Prisco, once one of the most powerful mobsters in New Jersey, was feeling reflective and expansive in November 2004 as he chatted with his driver about the mob life. “Anything I got, I earned, I got through myself. The family don’t give you nothing,” he said, unaware FBI agents were listening through a wire worn by his driver. “Outside of you being the boss, this life sucks. And it’s like a Catch-22. If you’re the boss, you go to jail. This life … it ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.”

Prisco’s comments, reported by the Newark Star-Ledger, give an unusual glimpse of the wiseguy life. Prisco discusses how actor Steven Seagal sought his help as a mediator in a mob shakedown, his view of mob killings, and his own uncertain future in an organization that over time had left him jaded. “Honor: that’s all a crock,” Prisco told his driver. “They wait on line to rat. They take a ticket like in the bakery.”


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