Catholic U Pulls Student Papers Over Crime Headline


The timing was not good for Catholic University. It was Odyssey Day, when the school shows off its Washington campus and woos potential students, and the student newspaper had a front-page headline that read, “University Reacts to Three-Day District Crime Wave.” (Three people had been robbed on campus.) An admissions office staffer decided to remove some of the papers from campus racks and stick them in a closet.

Kate McGovern, editor of the Catholic University Tower, marched to the admissions office and demanded that the papers be replaced, according to the Washington Post. Two students and an employee had been robbed at gunpoint on the campus during the crime wave, and she believed that people needed to know. “I want you to realize this is a lot bigger deal than you realize,” McGovern recalled saying. The admissions officers agreed and gave her back the papers. Victor Nakas, a college spokesman, said, “I kind of see it as a nonissue.”


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