Georgia Guards Indicted In Inmate Beatings


Seven former and current Georgia Department of Corrections guards have been indicted in connection with alleged inmate beatings at a prison farm, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rpeorts. Guards at Rogers State Prison were indicted this week on felony charges of making false statements and misdemeanor charges of assault.

The allegations came to light when Tommy Cardell, a former guard at Rogers, told the Journal-Constitution last May that he witnessed routine beatings of handcuffed inmates at the prison. Cardell alleged that supervisors, including the warden, were present at some of the beatings and sometimes encouraged them. Cardell said he was fired after reporting the beatings to internal affairs investigators. Atlanta lawyer McNeill Stokes, who is representing 16 current and former inmates who claimed they were beaten at Rogers, said, “It became a bloodsport at Rogers to be enjoyed two or three times a week.”


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