Do Gun Shows Need More Government Regulation?


It’s easy to build an illegal machine gun or to get the recipe for exploding gelatin, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Everything you need is available at gun shows held across the nation this time of year. The shows are flourishing. In the past two months, promoters have hosted 20 gun shows in Ohio. At one, Gerald Nunziato, a retired agent of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, walked the aisles of the 500-table show with a reporter, looking at some of the world’s most popular guns. He pointed out a .50-caliber rifle with bullets that can pierce steel. Price: $4,000. He noted the parts needed to turn a 9mm handgun into an illegal machine gun. They were scattered at several tables, but a knowledgeable buyer could collect what he needed.

“Everything a criminal needs is right there,” Nunziato said. “Believe me, I’m not anti-gun. I just think there needs to be a little more regulation.” Christopher Crobaugh, a defense attorney, has attended gun shows for years. “Let’s put it this way: Cars kill a lot more people than guns do. Should we outlaw car shows?” Every now and again, I’ll see someone at a show, and I’ll think, Oh boy, I don’t want that guy with a gun.’ Then I kick myself and say, What’s wrong with you, you elitist? If he has no criminal record, then he has the same right to own a gun that you do.’ ”


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