CA Man Imprisoned, Persecuted Due to Clerk’s Error


Nobody listened when Longino Acero, 47, told them he was not a convicted child molester, and even his defense attorneys told him he would have to plead guilty to failing to register, the San Jose Mercury News reports. As a result, Acero was sent to state prison for a year, and when he was released, a flier that identified him as a high-risk offender was distributed at his daughter’s school and his picture ran in the local paper with a damning story.

However, what Acero had been saying was true. A clerical error made by a court clerk when he was convicted of lewd conduct with an adult in 1978 gave him a record that was still haunting him 27 years later. On March 22, a state Superior Court judge overturned Acero’s three convictions for failing to register and declared him factually innocent of those crimes.


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