Anti-Drunk Program in TX Gets Official Review


Responding to widespread complaints about its crackdown on public drunkenness in bars, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating the program and retraining its officers, reports the Dallas Morning News. Alan Steen, the commission’s administrator, notified lawmakers in a letter this week that his agency has initiated an internal investigation that will initially focus on public intoxication arrests made in Irving last month. The arrests were the subject of news reports that sparked outrage and charges of government overreaching.

The TABC chief also said officers are being retrained “where necessary” about the philosophy of the program and what enforcement activities are in line with that philosophy. The letter was sent to Rep. Kino Flores, who asked the commission to stop the operation until it can be reviewed by lawmakers. “We’re not stopping it,” said Carolyn Beck, a spokeswoman for the commission.


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