Can Portland Chief Keep Job During Harassment Probe?


A Portland police desk clerk says Police Chief Derrick Foxworth solicited her for a sexual relationship while he was her precinct commander in 2000, regularly sending her sexually explicit e-mails and ordering her to conceal their conduct, said a tort claim made public yesterday, according to The Oregonian. Angela Oswalt, 46, a 10-year desk clerk and a vice president of the union representing civilian police employees, said she feared the chief would punish her if someone found out about the relationship.

The document, also alleges that other officers and supervisors harassed Oswalt about her relationship with Foxworth and that Foxworth divulged sensitive police matters to her. Oswalt seeks damages for stress treatment and for retaliation by the city for speaking out under state and federal whistle-blower statutes. Some community members and police officers privately wondered how Foxworth can continue to lead the 950-member force. Mayor Tom Potter said he will keep Foxworth, 47, in the job, pending a swift, “fair and impartial” investigation by the director of Portland’s Bureau of Human Resources.


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