MN Spin On Entertainment Area Death Lacking: Columnist


Video from a parking lot security camera shows the “horror” of last Friday night’s murder in Minneapolis of a 31-year-old man from the suburbs out for a night on the town, says Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman. ends up dead. Watching it, Coleman says, “you get angry about the damage-control operation in which city officials lamely argued that most people make it home” alive.

Says Coleman: “What I’m hearing sounds like, ‘Don’t worry, folks! The killer was a troubled person who shot someone by accident! No one has died since Friday!” Enjoy your visit! Please walk around the crime tape! Remember Minneapolis when making convention plans! Duck if you hear loud noises!” The columnist concludes that the city” needs cops. More cops. Smarter cops. Visible cops.” He agrees with critics who says there are too many guns on the street. “But there are too few cops, too,” says Coleman. “And despite all the glib talk about lots of cops in ‘the area,’ you too often do not see cops until trouble has occurred.


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