Slaughter Will Not Bring New Curbs On Seattle Rave Scene


Seattle is unlikely to crack down on the local “rave”

scene despite last week’s slaughter of six young people hours after an all-night, all-ages dance party, says the Seattle Post-Ingelligencer. The city once enacted a controversial and now defunct “Teen Dance Ordinance.” What is more likely is that restrictions will be self-imposed; at least two events scheduled for this weekend already have been canceled.

City Hall has no plans to intervene in the often dark, loud, rave scene where Kyle Huff, 28, met his victims, including two girls about half his age. Politicians and Seattle’s best-known defender of underage dance restrictions, former City Attorney Mark Sidran, said such laws do nothing to prevent the kind of carnage unleashed by Huff. He accumulated an arsenal long before the rampage and went to the party in a pickup truck loaded with guns and hundreds of bullets. “This is not about music, this is not about a party. This was about a guy who decided he was going to kill people and he had the firepower to do it,” said Mayor Greg Nickels.


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