Reaction To Female Cop: “Does Your Mom Know?”


Three female police officers with a combined total of 79 years of experience told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch what it’s like to be a supervisor in a suburban police department. They are Capt. Bobbie Saulters of Ballwin, Capt. Diane Scanga of Kirkwood, and Capt. Carol Jackson of University City. Why police work? “I couldn’t type,” deadpanned Scanga, 49. That’s always been my standard answer, and that’s all I do now (as captain).” Said Saulters, 43, “And at some point, you do feel that you have to prove yourself. You don’t want someone to think that you can’t hold your own.”

“I had a lady with a prowler call,” recalled Saulters. “She said, 'Does your mom know that you’re doing this’ and 'It’s way too late, I’m really sorry I called.'” While it may be thought men might be demeaning toward the female officer after a traffic stop, Scanga actually has had more trouble with women. “A woman wanted to know why I wasn’t where I belonged: at home having children ….. while I was writing her a ticket,” Scanga recalled. “You know, I’ve never been (angered) out of giving somebody a ticket.”


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