Cleveland To Study Ways Of Better Tracking Sex Offenders


With more than 1,700 registered sex offenders living in Cleveland, the City Council is trying to find better ways of keeping track of them, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Patricia Britt, who chairs the Health and Human Services Committee, is not interested in the kind of legislation passed elsewhere, aimed at keeping sex offenders out of the city. The state correction department wants to work with council in placing group homes for sex offenders in Cleveland.

Sgt. David Synkowski of the Sheriff’s Office said the council should be wary of actions that could work against community safety. He said more than 600 registered offenders in Cleveland have violated a law prohibiting them from living within 1,000 feet of a school or a bus stop. When the law is enforced and they are forced to move, they often go to shelters or become homeless, which makes it more difficult for authorities to track them. Charles See of Community Re-entry, which helps to resettle ex-offenders in the community, said policies should be based on current data on offenders.


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