GOP Makes Sex Offenders An Issue In WA Political Contests


The ringing of 10,000 telephones in Snohomish County, Wa., last week signaled that one hot-button issue from the 2006 legislature will play an ongoing role in the fall legislative campaigns, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says: Which major party is more vigorous when it comes to punishing sex offenders who prey on children? GOP operative Kevin Carns wants to send voters the message that his party is harder-nosed than the Democrats. That’s why The Speaker’s Roundtable, a Republican political action committee that Carns directs, paid for the automated phone calls targeting two Democratic state representatives. A recorded voice alleges to voters that the two lawmakers “failed to protect your children by refusing to vote on a bill that would put child rapists in prison for life.”

Despite the bipartisan support for a new law on the issue, Carns said he would keep the issue alive — and likely use the same tactics to do so — in the fall, when all House seats will be on the ballot. “My job is to get Republicans elected. This is an issue we think is fair game,” Carns said. “We really think the general public is fed up with these predators being released back into their communities.”


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