How Teacher Saved Lives In 2005 MN School Shooting


One year ago tomorrow, Jeff Weise killed a teacher and five fellow students inside a classroom at Minnesota’s Red Lake High School. He stepped out into the hallway, searching for more victims. In one classroom, Cynthia Rae Rowell had seconds earlier been busy teaching her last biology class for the day. As the St. Paul Pioneer Press recounts the story, Rowell’s heroic actions saved many lives.

Weise shot one student and pointed the gun at Rowell’s head. The teacher ignored Weise, turned her back to him and, in a swooshing kind of gesture, signaled to the students in the room to take cover behind lab tables while heading through an open door into a nearby office. Why Weise did not fire at the teacher when he had the chance remains a subject of speculation among investigators. When Weise chased a group of students, Rowell told them, “Run in zigzag!”None was wounded. Weise eventually killed himself.


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