Rap Group Denies Inciting Riot That Injured PA Teen


The Three 6 Mafia, a rap group from Memphis, will make an appearance in Pittsburgh to answer a complaint that one of their songs led to a riot three years ago where a teen was severely beaten, says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Ramone Williams, 19, attended a show featuring the group, known for its violent and sexually explicit lyrics. Though underage for the adult affair, Williams got in and soon became uneasy as the audience began acting out the lyrics to the rap song, “Let’s Start A Riot.” Williams said he was thrown to the floor, hit with a chair, stomped on and kicked in the face. He suffered multiple injuries, including two jaw fractures.

Williams has sued the group and the club where it performed. The complaint says the club was negligent in that patrons were not warned or protected from the violence incited by the group. Williams’ attorney said the group claims that the “riot” lyrics were performed onstage that night by two associates who are not regular members.

Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06076/671895.stm

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