FL School Officials Fear Video Game Will Promote Violence


A secretive new video game about school bullies could be targeted by Miami-Dade School Board members, who fear the repercussions of a game that is set in a school and includes fights, slingshots, and possibly more, says the Miami Herald. Little is known about the game, Bully, which was scheduled for release last fall but has been repeatedly delayed. Opponents of violent video games have been driven largely by the fact that the game is being developed by Rockstar, the controversial designer of the violent Grand Theft Auto series. In those games, top sellers for years, players steal cars, hire prostitutes, and brutally beat and murder enemies, police, and bystanders.

Opponents fear Bully will bring the same graphic violence into the virtual schoolhouse. ”This game is built entirely around bullies and is staged in a school — it’s the antithesis of everything we’re trying to promote,” said school board member Frank Bolaños, who introduced a resolution urging Rockstar not to release Bully, asking merchants not to sell it, and asking parents not to buy it. Manufacturer Rockstar would say only: ”We all have different opinions about art and entertainment, but everyone agrees that real-life school violence is a serious issue which lacks easy answers.”

Link: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/14084718.htm

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