TN Rape Suspect Escape Shows Electronic Monitoring Flaws


More staff and a satellite tracking system might have prevented the escape of Tennessee child rape suspect Jeremy Paul Duffer, who escaped an electronic monitoring system last week and remained at large yesterday, Nashville’s probation director says, reports The Tennessean. Communication delays allowed Duffer to be on the run for nearly a full day before police were notified. Probation officials blamed the lapse on their need for more resources.

Duffer slipped away on the morning of Feb. 27, but probation officials didn’t learn he had escaped until that evening and didn’t notify police until the next day. That head start left police with no idea where to look for him by the time authorities started searching. Probation director Les Mondelli hopes to improve the monitoring system by adding a satellite-tracking component that would provide the wearer’s exact location rather than only notify when a person leaves home. “Obviously, there needs to be a system in place so that when someone is accused of a serious crime like this and when there is a problem, there is a way to notify the police quicker,” said police detective David Zoccola. Probation officials blamed the delay in reporting Duffer’s escape on chronic understaffing.


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