NRA Funds Utahn’s Lawsuit Over Interstate Gun Carrying


Gregg Revell, 57, a soft-spoken Utah native, has become a poster child for the National Rifle Association in a $3 million lawsuit over transporting guns, says the Salt Lake Tribune. Revell, who has a Utah concealed weapon permit, usually takes a handgun with him for protection on his car trips. Transporting a firearm in your luggage across country on an airline is not illegal, but involves some paperwork. Revell who has made a couple dozen such trips, fills out the Federal Aviation Administration paperwork, packs his .45 caliber pistol in a locked case, his hollow-point ammunition in another locked case and puts both in his checked luggage. He declares the gun to the ticketing agents.

One one trip, he and his luggage missed a connection in Newark. He was arrested and handcuffed because he didn’t have a permit to carry a gun or hollow-point ammunition in New Jersey. Under federal law, a citizen can transport an unloaded gun between two jurisdictions that don’t prohibit it – as long as it is locked in a hard case with the ammunition locked in a separate hard case, regardless of what local law says, says an NRA board member. Revell spent four days in jail; the charges later were dismissed. Now the NRA is funding his lawsuit seeking $3 million in damages against the Port Authority.


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