Patriot Act Revision Contains National Antimeth Law


The USA Patriot Act revisions that are poised for final enactment this week also take aim at the production of methamphetamine, the Associated Press reports. The law will impose new limits next month for how much relief a person can buy over the counter. Beginning Sept. 30, a would-be purchaser will have to show identification to buy the medication. The measure sponsored by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) and Jim Talent (R-Mo.) will cover the nation with one policy that would put medicines containing pseudoephedrine behind the counter and out of the reach of meth cooks. “If we leave it up to local jurisdiction, we’re simply going to move the problem from one jurisdiction to another without addressing the root cause,” said Fresno, Ca., Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

One person will be limited to buying 300 30-milligram pills in a month, or 120 such pills in a day. The law’s criminal provisions qualify more manufacturers and dealers for “kingpin” legal status and subject them to harsher penalties. Many retailers have already adopted guidelines to limit customer access to cold products or to limit their sales.


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