MD Prison Scouting Group Unites Girls With Inmate Moms


The members of Girl Scout Troop 7140 lined up at the prison’s metal detector, eager to start their meeting. After a security officer patted their jackets, a few of the girls ran toward the locked front door. They knew the way, past the razor wire and dining halls to the gym. For some Scouts, a prison visit would be part of a field trip or community service project. But for Troop 7140, Maryland Correctional Institution for Women is their regular meeting place, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Every other Saturday, they come to the Jessup facility, where their mothers are serving sentences ranging from several years to life in prison. Despite the prison uniforms and restricted movement, the weekly troop meeting begins like most do, with the girls and mothers forming a “friendship circle” and saying the Girl Scout pledge. They do crafts and have snacks. But what the mothers and daughters say they most look forward to is the time to sit and talk and hug. Troop 7140 has 17 girls and 13 mothers, all of whom are incarcerated.


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