Doing Things The Andy Griffith Way In Small Town Policing


Many of the stories in Crime & Justice News involve big-city police departments. But what’s happening in the thousands of small law enforcement agencies around the nation? The Cincinnati Enquirer provides a glimpse of Glendale, Ohio, which closed its fire department last month. Some wondered if the police department would be next, but Mayor Thomas Todd said no.

The department is made up of seven full-time officers, including Chief Matt Fruchey, and two part-timers. It works, Fruchey said, because he has people with the right attitude, who embrace community-oriented policing. “That means, you know, go handle something like Andy would,” the chief said of the TV sheriff in small-town Mayberry, made famous by actor Andy Griffith. “We say it all the time – “Go ‘Andy Griffith’ this.” The department went nearly three years between 2002 and 2004 without anyone using sick time. No full-timers have left since Fruchey made his last hire in 2000. “Residents can call and they know the police officers,” the mayor said. “People really like that.”


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